Buying made easy with our team of experts

It’s an exciting time, you are going to be making one of the biggest purchases you are ever going to make and with that it can be an extremely stressful time too. We understand this and will help share the burden and even get excited with you when you find your dream property!

We will take the time to understand what you are looking for and then help to find that house no matter how difficult the search may be. Finding your perfect home is our job and we take that responsibility very seriously and we will use all the channels at our disposal to find it, from social media to an enviable list of contacts to widen the search. You can search our extensive database of property yourself or use our team to do some of the hard yards for you but whichever way you choose we will be there by your side every step of the way.

Once you have found that property the fun should begin but all to often the process is then slowed up with red tape and solicitors, and right at the time you want to go faster! We pride ourselves on our super efficient service we have nurtured a fantastic relationship with a local solicitor who shares the same passion and drive to complete as quickly as possible. Our best result yet was a 48hour completion on a freehold property but we are still looking to beat that!

First time buyer?

We can help you make the right decisions and guide you through some of the pitfalls of the property market. We will help you every step of the way from understanding terminology to common things to look for when you are buying a property, especially your first. If you are looking to buy to add to a property portfolio we have some very exciting opportunities. Give us a call and we can take you through some of the lucrative access we have to distressed and below market value properties.