Are You Looking For Estate Agents Covering Cardiff?

There are loads of us in Cardiff and even more if you consider online agencies alongside the long list of Cardiff estate agents. With so many to choose from where do you begin? Not the easiest of questions to answer but we would always suggest you do a little bit of homework before you start.

Wherever you start your search try to get a short list of the people you will have a look into a bit deeper. Try a search for estate agents in Cardiff on Google and make a note of the ones that immediately jump out at you. Once you have a list have a look at their websites and maybe even their Facebook page or other social media pages.

Some of the best estate agents Cardiff has to offer will provide lots of valuable content for you, like guides for selling your home or news articles about the latest house prices in the areas you are looking at. Many will also have their main unique selling points so you can have a look if the offers they are running appeal to you.

Once you have done this pick a few to come out to do a valuation or meet up with you. You will need to see if you think you can work with them, how much they think your property is worth and most importantly how quickly they think they can sell your property. An estate agent in Cardiff should have a good understanding of the local market and if you have a few in to do a valuation you will see any obvious differences between them. If one is offering vastly more than the other two or three it may suggest they are telling you what you want to hear rather than being realistic about the real value.

Don’t underestimate your own gut feeling on this and try to pick someone you feel comfortable working with, after all they won’t be the only estate agent Cardiff has to offer you and if your shortlist doesn’t give you what you want, just extend your shortlist!

If you do want us to come out we are happy to offer a free valuation service and just for making your shortlist we will give you some money off vouchers to spend on the things you may need when moving house.