With so much going on in the capitol you have a lot of choice when it comes to estate agents Cardiff. With all this choice you would be forgiven for wondering where to start on your search for the right estate agent for you. So where do you start, and what things might you consider?

Firstly good estate agents are not hard to find but they are scattered amongst many not so good ones. Finding the great from the not so great need not be a massive challenge as social media, review websites and other channels will allow you to quickly research the company to see what others thing about the service they have received and how the agent deals with both the positive and also the negative reviews. Looking at both the reviews themselves and the total number will give you a good starting point to understanding what each agent does well, and not so well. Given bad word of moth travels much faster than good, it is also worth noting the number and content of the negative reviews pretty much all companies will have (after all you can’t please all of the people, all of the time and how each of the respective agents deals with these comments.

Using reviews as a way of getting a decent shortlist of estate agents is a great way of weeding out the ones that make the same mistakes twice…and then again! If you want to check for authenticity then you can look at independently checked review websites like Rateragent and All Agents to get a good mix. These websites are independent and the individual agents have no control of what is or what isn’t posted and this can be an invaluable source of information.

Once you have a shortlist get some in to do a valuation on your property (this is good for both sales and lettings), this is almost always a free service and will allow you to meet the people you may be doing business with. Trusting your estate agent is vital as they will be selling or renting your most valuable asset/s and having someone else in control of this process can seem daunting. Liking the people you want to work with must be coupled with making sure that they understand the marketplace and have a proven track record to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome in terms of both value and speed of transaction. No one wants to miss out on their dream home but getting the wrong agent may make this happen more frequently than not.

Once engaged keep a keen interest in the process and make sure you are in regular contact with your agent. Don’t just rely on a courtesy call from them, be an active and interested party in the process to ensure you get the maximum exposure possible for your prized asset. Good luck with your search and if we can help in any way get in touch with the team today.


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