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by Nick Smith Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Getting the most out of your property

We sell a lot of houses and when you do this you see a lot of properties. One thing that does sometimes surprise is the lack of care when it comes to dressing the house for a sale. With so many homes to choose from buyers have plenty to choose from and so making the most out of what you have is the key to achieving the best price. We are going to be looking at the various elements of this in a series of posts but here is a quick whirlwind tour of the things we think you should consider. First thing we would suggest is get into the selling mind set. Your property is an asset and for it to do its best in the market it needs to look its best. Many potential buyers will do a drive by before they consider a viewing, so making sure the house is always looking its best is a very good idea. First impressions count so consider a spot of gardening and outside DIY. Does the front door need a coat of paint or a clean to ensure its clean and gives the house that all important kerbside appeal. Ensure windows are they looking their best, at the very least regular cleaning throughout the sales process will ensure you have crystal clear views out. A weekly mow of the lawns and making sure all the access routes are weed free and look cared for will give the impression that the house is well looked after. For all viewing we suggest the house is cleaned properly and smells fresh and clean. Some people will put on fresh coffee or bake for that homely smell but this can be a bit of a task so air fresheners in every room is a good substitute. If time is an issue ask your agent to try to block book appointments so they are clumped together and one good clean is your weeks work. Once inside all the little jobs you didn’t get around too are now very important. Sticking doors, handles that don’t work, misty panes on the windows will all mean work for the potential new owner and a great bargaining tool for them to put in a cheeky offer. To achieve the best price, get those little jobs done so they have nothing to question. Paintwork and decoration, of course if you are moving doing this work may seem a bit wasted but a clean lick of paint will smell fresh and also enhance the look of the property to potential buyers. If you want your property to do the best it can then it will need to look its best. Neutral colours and white gloss will do it the world of good and provide the blank canvass buyers love. Worth noting that if someone is pushing their budget with your property then having “everything done” is very attractive to them. Difficult but also essential for the best possible outcome is to declutter the home. With bit’s everywhere it can make a house look small (even messy sometimes) and spending a bit of time in creating lots of space will allow people to see their own furniture fitting, and give your house a larger feel to it. These are just a few basic pointers to help you sell your home for the best possible price but more will follow in later posts so keep checking back.