Investment opportunities with PM Premier

We are specialists in investment properties…


There is much to consider when looking at properties to invest in. We have the knowledge and expertise to help every step of the way and can help ensure you buy properties with the best prospects for returning a healthy profit.

From long term investment to fast turn around spun properties we have managed successfully all types of client from first time investors to serious property investors with large portfolio’s.

We have excellent access to large amounts of stock and can advise on the below market value and the distressed stock market to new builds and blocks of flats and everything in between. We have sister companies that specialize in high net worth properties and also distressed stock for quick cash purchase opportunities. We can also advise and help through our sister company Land Purchase Direct on acquiring land for redevelopment and can even help with the planning, project managing and commercial viability of any sized development.

Our service is comprehensive and we can provide a full service to purchase, sell and manage your single property or large portfolio.

We can also help in the acquisition, sale and management of any type of commercial property. Our access to stock and the in-depth knowledge of the market we are in mean we are in a great place to help you get the most from this area of property.

Once you have completed your property investment we will also offer a complete aftercare service which can be tailored to your exact requirements and this can be as compressive as you need it to be.

We work with partners across the UK to provide our clients with a 360 degree solution to investment property management and are at the forefront of this market, staying ahead of the competition and providing you with security and a safe pair of hands in which to manage your property efficiently and expertly and all with the minimum of fuss and hassle.