Latest Rent Smart Wales Scheme

If you are a landlord you are sure to have heard of it and unless you have already registered, the likelyhood is it's on your long to do list. At PM Premier all our staff have been fully trained and are expert in making sure you get all the facts to make some serious decisions about your future as a professional landlord.

There is plenty of mis-information in the world of property surrounding it but one thing that is certain is that there is a lot of devil in the detail. With any new scheme especially one as robust as the Rent Smart Wales initiative. For many it will all be too much and they will decide to sell thero stock and move onto other things but for the ones that remain some serious decisons have to be taken. 

In the biggest ever shake up of the industry getting the right advice and help along the way will be essential especially as fixed penalty noticed, rent stoppimng orders and even prosecution are awaiting those who fail to comply.